We want to source backlinks for your site from reputable websites to rank high and make google perceive your brand as an authority in your niche?

You can leave that work to us. At RankgrowSEO, we are experts in link sourcing, outreach, and backlink acquisition. Over the years, we have helped multiple businesses get high-quality links and increase revenue through organic traffic. In our link-building process, we use the outreach method to acquire high-quality backlinks. Our link sourcing service is targeted at increasing your overall website traffic, improving online business visibility, and increasing revenue.


For your business to rank high on Google, the following must be present

  • Quality and up-to-date content
  • Free from technical errors
  • No bad links
  • Link to authoritative websites
  • Link to credible sources. 

Our link-building service will ensure that quality and authoritative pages link to your website to boost your reputation online and increase your ranking on search engines.

Our Link Building Services

Guest Post Link building

This is one of our link-building strategies that enables you to reach a wide audience within your niche. It involves creating articles on a third-party website that would contain backlinks Linking to your Website.

Outreach Link building

This involves leveraging existing opportunities where your brand has been mentioned on the web by reaching out to them to add backlinks. This is a great way to rapidly build your backlinks portfolio.

HARO Link building

HARO link building is a process of responding to requests for sources and quotes from journalists and reporters on the HARO platform, in order to earn high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. As an SEO agency, we can help businesses build quality links with HARO by monitoring relevant requests, crafting personalized responses, and positioning their business as a credible source. In addition to HARO link building, we can also implement other link building strategies to improve website authority and ranking. HARO link building is a highly effective and efficient way to earn high-quality backlinks and drive more traffic and leads to a business's website.

Broken link building

It's a way of building influential relationships with publishers in your company. This involves leveraging broken pages on the web and asking links to swap broken links to a working page on your website.

Content and Brand Promotion

This involves reaching out to a prospect usually via email, informing them about an article you've published and their website can be improved by including a link to your site.

Outreach Link building

This involves taking advantage of your backlinks portfolio to build relevant relationships with publishers already linking to your site. The goal here is to earn more quality backlinks and improve your search performance.

How can our Services benefit your business?

Build brand’s Trust

The more quality backlinks a website has, the more google trusts your website. This would improve your ranking on search engines and attract organic traffic to your page. This would increase the chances of potential customers finding your business and trusting your brand. 

Establish your website authority

With the high search engine Ranking that comes with our link-building service, your site’s authority would be established. 

Increased referral traffic

With our link-building strategy, you don’t only get direct traffic from Google, but you also get referral traffic from a third-party website

More Revenue

As your website gains increased recognition by search engines, your web traffic would greatly increase. This can help increase the number of people that purchase your products and services. Thereby increasing your revenue. 

Continuous promotion 

Our link-building service would provide your business with quality backlinks that would serve as ongoing digital marketing for your brand. This means that once these backlinks are established, your referral traffic would continue coming in.

Our Process

First, we would have a call with your SEO specialist to understand your business goals, as well as your search and Backlinks goals. This is to help come up with a strategy that best suits your goals.

We audit your website to determine the fastest route to your goals. This would involve analyzing your backlinks profile and your website performance.

Once we're done auditing your website, our team of SEO experts would come up with a backlinks strategy designed to drive results for your business goals. After this, our SEO strategists would identify linkable content on your website. If you have none, we would work with you to create Backlink Worthy content.

At this stage, we start researching to identify high-quality websites in your industry. We would begin manual outreach to acquire backlinks for your site.

Throughout your campaign, we'd provide you with reports on your campaign monthly, highlighting information relevant to you.

We would do a quarterly review of your campaign and we'd make necessary adjustments to ensure that the results align with your goals.

How we are different

We are a leading SEO link-building agency in Lagos with many years of experience working with businesses from a wide range of industries. We have a team of  SEO experts that are well experienced in backlinks acquisition.


Bespoke Link Building Services

At Savvy Digital, we do not use a one size-fit all approach in our link-building process. We understand that businesses are unique and their goals are different. We take our time to understand your business or brand’s goals and develop a backlinks acquisition strategy that best aligns with these goals. 

White hat link-building approach

At Savvy Digital, we are concerned about our client’s businesses so we use the white hat link-building approach. We are more long-term focused, so we prioritize the white hat link building approach as opposed to the black hat link building approach. 

Quality Backlinks Acquisition

In our link-building process, we are more concerned about the quality of the backlinks we acquire, than the quantity. This is because understand that the basis for increased ranking on search engines through backlinks is quality and high authority backlinks. 

Relatively Affordable

At Savvy Digital, our charges are relatively Affordable for the quality of backlinks we provide and the results that we get. We are transparent when it comes to pricing. There are no hidden charges.

Let's help you scale organic traffic to your website with quality and high-authority backlinks today! Get in touch with us.